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2014 Summer Camp


More than 20 people from The Open Door enjoyed two days of Summer Camp at Camp Weredale, swimming, hiking, fishing, resting...


One of the participants was so motivated by the time away from the streets of Montreal that he determined to make some major lifestye changes. He moved off the street into his own apartment in September and is looking into participating in an addictions rehabilitation program.

music carving Photo credits Jill Stafiej, a long-time volunteer at The Open Door

How a 12-year-old brought tons of bread to The Open Door


Almost every week day for several years, clients of The Open Door enjoyed a few slices of top quality bread; many of them left with a loaf of specialty bread, some muffins or a pastry.

Where did the bread come from and how did it end up at The Open Door? Let's go back in time about eight years, to Les 5 Saisons gourmet food store and a mother, daughter in tow, getting groceries for the evening meal. The 12 year old noticed an employee throwing out unsold loaves of bread and brought it to her mother's attention, alarmed at how wasteful it seemed. At her daughter's insistance, the mother spoke to the manager of Les 5 Saisons, asking if the bread could be donated to a local soup kitchen.

For many years, the director or a volunteer of The Open Door regularly made the short trip to Les 5 Saisons, coming back with delicous baked goods for the clients of the drop-in centre. Hats off to the initiative of a Westmount family and to the generosity and solidarity of Les 5 Saisons. The Open Door and its clients extend a heartfelt word of thanks for the donated bread and pastries!

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